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Come and enjoy at this holy place in Seelisberg

the TM and TM- Sidhi Group Programme.

Hear historic lectures from the time when Maharishi was here.

Visit Maharishi's favorite places around the lake of Lucerne.


Courses, days during Yagya performance, ayurvedic

treatments and holidays are just heavenly in Seelisberg.

Come with a group - if you bring 10 persons you are for free.


Enjoy our romatic holiday  apartment!



MERU courses in Seelisberg












Saturday 13 May - Saturday 21 May

Natural Law Based Art: Creative Expression and

Techniques of Composition.

Painting in Light of Maharishi Science of Consciousness

Fulfilling the purpose of art through expressions that inspire evolution, refine perception, and enrich the environment.

This course offers an introduction to the principles of art based on Natural Law as brought out by Maharishi and described in the ancient Vedic literature. These deepest principles of art are universal, precise and comprehensive and can be applied to abstract, figurative, and landscape painting. You will enjoy an overview of Indian art and aesthetics, studying not only the principles but also how these art forms enliven consciousness and spirituality in the viewer. One gains practical knowledge and experience to develop creativity, skills in applying design and composition principles, and painting techniques. Participants will also learn procedures for successful landscape painting, including painting techniques to create compelling composition

of natural scenery.

Course Fee: CHF 400 + Accommodation








Festival in Seelisberg






Saturday 3 June - Saturday 10 June

Living Higher States of Consciousness

This course presents Maharishi's beautiful lectures on the development of higher states of consciousness. Maharishi explains the process of the refinement of perception from Transcendental Consciousness to Unity consciousness; the reality of Brahman consciousness; and the relationship between higher states of consciousness and God. This profound and heart-expanding knowledge will enliven the reality of being at home with all fields of knowledge.
There will be extended TM and TM Sidhi Programme, opening our awareness to the pure field of Creative Intelligence - rest and activity to structure the steps of evolution to Unity Consciousness.

Course Fee: CHF 600 + Accommodation









Saturday 1 July - Saturday 8 July

Guru Dev and the Revival of Knowledge

(possibility to extend over Guru Purnima, 11 July)
As a thirsty man arrives at a well, so I arrived at the feet of my Master. The quest of a perfect Master was there. The first sight of his personality was enough to make me surrender at his feet. He was the most highly revered sage in India and was held as the embodiment of divine consciousness.
(Maharishi fifty years around the world-Dawn of the

Age of Enlightenment volume one 1957-1964)
A series of historic lectures where Maharishi introduces the source of the revival of knowledge, and its custodians‚ Guru Dev and the Vedic Tradition of Masters:
These inspiring tapes include Maharishi presenting the mechanics and basis of the revival of knowledge; appreciating the role of the master of the Vedic Tradition today and through the corridor of time; the start of the world wide movement from 1957 and rare film footage of Maharishi and Guru Dev.

Course Fee: CHF 600 + Accommodation





Monday 3 July – Thursday 13 July

World Peace Assembly with Pieter Riemens, Belgium

World Peace Assemblies offer an opportunity to enjoy a weekend or week of extended practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programme, gaining deep and revitalizing rest.




Friday 14 - 16 July – Friday 21 July

World Peace Assembly with Claude Newell-Lesslauer

The Swiss World Peace Assemblies in Seelisberg are a precious opportunity to forget about the daily life routine and strengthen the inner values of life. Course participants enjoy deep rest through the experience of the TM and TM Sidhi programme including Yogic Flying in the group, video tapes of Maharishi, meetings and exchanges of knowledge with other course participants from all over Switzerland.

A Course participant reports: "On the whole I can say that I enjoyed so much happiness, love and oneness with myself in one week as I never experienced before."






Saturday 22 July – Monday 31 July

EEG and Enilghtenment course with Dr's Cynthia and Alarik Arenander




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Tuesday 1 August


National Day celebration of Switzerland with Raja Felix

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Saturday 5 August - Saturday 12 August

Apaurusheya Bhashya

An Advanced Vision of Maharishi’s Apaurusheya Bhashya


Theme one

Maharishis Cognition of the eternal and uncreated commentary of Rk Veda,¬†(Apaurusheya Bhashya,) brings to light the mechanics of evolution of Natural Law. It explains how the WHOLENESS of Natural Law‚ the unmanifest, eternal ocean of self-referral consciousness‚ gives rise to the sequential, orderly unfoldment of specific Laws of Nature in the Veda and entire manifest universe.
Maharishi, the teacher of this course, invites distinguished scientists to draw parallels from their various fields of science, to identify and elucidate the principles of Nature's functioning from the different perspectives of modern science.
This one week course is the first part (Theme One) of a very special three-part advanced course for Sidhas and Governors of the Age of Enlightenment.
Quote from one Course participant.

After many years of regular practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme, the Apaurusheya Bhashya course definitely improved my understanding of Maharishi's cognition of the Veda as the source of all creation, the unmanifest field of all possibilities, infinite silence and infinite dynamism. As a result, my daily Sidhi Programme has naturally been revised and enriched. All this was possible on the steady basis of the silence I experienced at Mother Divine's home of silence in Seelisberg.

At the end of this course there will be a possible extension for theme two and three
Theme two:
Saturday 12 - Saturday 19th August
Theme three:
Sunday 20th - Sunday 27th August
Course Fee: CHF 800 + Accommodation (for each theme)




Friday 11th August  -  Sunday 13th August

World Peace Assembly - Mother and Daughter Course

Celebrating the Infinite Creative Intelligence and Nourishing Power of Mother.
The highlight of this course for ladies is a beautiful lecture by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from 9 May 1976 in Weggis, Switzerland on the supreme role of mother. The course also includes talks by the Raj Rajeshwaris of the

Global Country of World Peace.





Vedic Dance


THMD group






27 October –  04 November 2017

Weekend 27 October - 29 October


World Peace Assembly with Rudi and Roswitha Briel

World Peace Assemblies offer an opportunity to enjoy a weekend or week of extended practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programme, gaining deep and revitalizing rest.


dates to follow

******* December *******





8 to 10 December 2017


Course in Gandharva Veda Dhrupad music

and voice training with Shivala

This course is open to all and requires no previous training in music.
A CD and instructions will be given for home practice.

1. Breathing and vocal exercises to improve the voice in daily life
Akar : A simple and efficient technic that strengthens the vocal cords and places the voice. This exercise allows us to find our natural voice, the most harmonious, rich in harmonics*, and to use it with maximum efficiency. This is a unique ancient technique that also develops the values of the heart, gives great happiness, and enriches and softens the tone of the voice. It increases self-esteem, inner strength and energy*.

2. Singing a raga
Dhrupad is the original form of Indian classical music. It is also a very refined musical science. Its scales are based on micro-tones in harmony with natural law. The purpose of Dhrupad is to create harmony and bliss in ourselves and in the environment. We learn to sing the different parts of a raga*, including a traditional composition with specific rhythmic sequences. We finish the course by learning different rhythms and rhythmical exercises.

*We will learn one slow composition on Raga Bhopali and one middle fast composition on Raga Jog (Jog means Yoga).

In addition, Shivala will give 20 mn private session to each participant.


Shivala - Dhrupad - Raga Madhmad Sarang

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Course fee: Fr. 150.00 / room and board per day:

Fr. 65.00 - 125.00 according to the room




"Seelisberg is really Heaven on Earth, and the mountains

around are holy mountains." - Maharishi






Lake of Lucerne - Mount Shiva (click for link)





Seelisberg lecture hall (click for link)


All Year, enjoy the Invincibility Programme for Meditators, Sidhas and Governors in a good atmosphere and beautiful sourroundings.






Diving deep into Being the greater part of the day, with a special long programme each day, is really the ultimate programme for  aligning one’s self with pure conscionsness as well as truly enjoying the beauty of the Seelisberger surroundings, the delicious food and lovely company I would warmly recommend all to come for a forth night, a month or longer!

Annamaria (Belgium) January 2015






Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam 2014 in Seelisberg





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