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Come and enjoy

Courses in Seelisberg



Come and enjoy at this holy place in Seelisberg

the TM and TM- Sidhi Group Programme.

Hear historic lectures from the time when Maharishi was here.

Visit Maharishi's favorite places around the lake of Lucerne.


Courses, days during Yagya performance, ayurvedic

treatments and holidays are just heavenly in Seelisberg.

Come with a group - if you bring 10 persons you are for free.


Enjoy our romatic holiday  apartment!



MERU Courses in Seelisberg




Special Ladies Courses




******* January 2019 *******



10 January 2019

Celebrating the Birthday of Maharaja Adiraj Raja Raam






12 January 2019

Celebrating the Birthday of Maharishi

Maharishi’s Twelfth Year of Invincibility—Global Raam Raj





August Ladies Course (click)









10 - 12 of May 2019


TM Advanced Techniques

“The purpose of Advanced Techniques is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilizers; fertilizers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy greater achievement and fulfilment in life, take advantage of this beautiful program of Advanced Techniques to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness.” — Maharishi

In this course, you'll learn a TM Advanced Technique or the Night-Technique. The TM Advanced Techniques deepen the experience of transcendence and accelerate the development of higher states of consciousness.

Prerequisites for participating in the course: regular practice of your current technique (TM Basic or Advanced Technique) for at least 4 months, with clear experiences. If you are not certain whether you are ready for the next
technique, please contact your TM-teacher for a checking.
The course includes a follow-up session (approx. 2-3 weeks after the course).




Maharishi Gandharva Ved Music Festival


22. - 29. Juni 2019

Maharishi Yoga course


mit Barbara Maria Gibiser



Dieser Kurs vermittelt Ihnen ein umfassendes Verständnis über das Wesen des Yoga als Vereinigung von individuellem und kosmischem Leben. Dazu lernen Sie Yogastellungen (Asana) und Atemübungen (Pranayama) kennen, die der Integration von Geist und Körper dienen und die Gesundheit unterstützen, indem sie das Leben in Harmonie mit dem Naturgesetz bringen. Sie lernen, welchen Einfluss jede Yogastellung auf den eigenen Körper hat, sowohl aus dem Blickwinkel der modernen Naturwissenschaft als auch aus der Sicht von Maharishis Vedischer Wissenschaft. Der Kurs ist nicht nur für Anfänger geeignet, sondern auch für Menschen, die bereits mit Yogaübungen vertraut sind.




Der Kurs umfasst folgende Themen:


• Yoga und die Integration aller Lebensbereiche


• Belebung der Intelligenz im gesamten Körper durch Yoga- und Atemübungen


• Was die Bhagavad-Gita über Yoga lehrt


• Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen über den Nutzen von Yogaübungen


• Entdeckung des Veda und der Vedischen Literatur im menschlichen Körper


• Erreichen des Yogazustands durch Maharishis Transzendentale Meditation und das TM-Sidhi Programm: höhere Bewusstseinzustände – Erfüllung der regelmässigen Ausübung des Maharishi Yoga


30 June – 10 July Belgium-Bliss- WPA


with Pieter Riemens






Maharishi Gandharva Veda


6. Juli 8 pm Evening Raga

7. 11am Juli Morning Raga

with Sitar Star Reshma Shrivastava








16 July Guru Purnima celebration







19 – 21/ 26 July


Course with Claude Newell-Lesslauer


World Peace Assembly with Claude Newell-Lesslauer

The Swiss World Peace Assemblies in Seelisberg are a precious opportunity to forget about the daily life routine and strengthen the inner values of life. Course participants enjoy deep rest through the experience of the TM and TM Sidhi programme including Yogic Flying in the group, video tapes of Maharishi, meetings and exchanges of knowledge with other course participants from all over Switzerland.

A Course participant reports:

"On the whole I can say that I enjoyed so much happiness,

love and oneness with myself in one week as I never experienced before."






6 – 8 September


Introduction to Dhrupad Gandharva Veda workshops with Shivala

Workshop for beginners / content on 6 September:

Yoga of sound, breathing and vocal work


Advance course on September 7 and 8:
A deep dive into the Raga


Dhrupad is the original form of Indian classical music,

also known as the original Gandharva veda music.


Course fee Sfr. 200.-





26 October – 2 November, WPA Briel



26 December – 3 January 2020, Winter WPA


31 December, Silvester concert


1 – 7 January 2020, Week of Silence






Inner and outer life - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi



"Seelisberg is really Heaven on Earth, and the mountains

around are holy mountains." - Maharishi






Lake of Lucerne - Seelisberg (click for link)





All Year, enjoy the Invincibility Programme for Meditators, Sidhas and Governors in a good atmosphere and beautiful sourroundings.






Diving deep into Being the greater part of the day, with a special long programme each day, is really the ultimate programme for  aligning one’s self with pure conscionsness as well as truly enjoying the beauty of the Seelisberger surroundings, the delicious food and lovely company I would warmly recommend all to come for a forth night, a month or longer!

Annamaria (Belgium) January 2015






Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam 2014 in Seelisberg









Dr. Ashok Ji said:

We had Italian CIC Residence course for two weeks in Seelisberg, Switzerland. It's such a joy to share overflowing bliss and divine moments with the participants of this course in this Celestial, wonderful, Maharishi Movement's Historical place in the world.
Countless Courses and Assemblies have been held here in MERUSeelisberg, Switzerland.

The Grand Assembly Hall was the elegant meeting place for many historic conferences and lectures by Maharishi Ji. It was really a wonderful enlivening moment for all of

us while celebrating the graduation ceremony with New Sidhas in this

Grand Assembly Hall.


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